Card-io - Rustic Christmas - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MARU-01


Card-io - Rustic Christmas - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MARU-01 | CraftyFlair


Rustic Christmas Majestix Stamp set. 8 Stamps include; Tin Can, String Bow, Leaves, Leaf, Fir Branch, Small Flower, Pinecone and Small Dotty Flower.

The Largest Stamp in this set will fit onto a Majestix Shorty Peg. Stamp the tin can in Silver Ink and edge with Paprika before stamping, to create a two tone effect. Stamp the string bow in Paprika. Stamp the leaves stamp in Bamboo. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design.

Fill in with the remaining stamps. Stamp the Fir Branch in Bamboo ink and the small Flower in Burgundy Ink and the Pinecone in Pinecone Ink. Finally, Stamp the small dotty flower in Pinecone Ink.

Colours Used: Colours Used:. Versacolor; Silver, Paprika, Pinecone, Burgundy and Bamboo.

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