Card-io - Winter Woollies - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MAWI-02


Card-io - Winter Woollies - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MAWI-02 | CraftyFlair


Winter Woollies Majestix Stamp Set. 6 stamps including; 2 Ice Skates, 2 Mittens, Bobble Hat and large clothes peg.

You will need Acrylic Blocks to mount the larger stamps in this set. All of the images on this design have been stamped in Archival Black Ink. Use a Fine-liner pen to draw some random lines. Stamp the Ice-skates. Position them close together and at a slight angle. Use a Fine-Liner to draw laces up-to the random lines and draw a little bow. Stamp the mittens and join in string (using a Fine-Liner) and stamp the Bobble hat close to one of the random lines. Finally, Stamp the small clothes peg around the random lines in such a position that the items are pegged to the line.

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