Card-io - Winter Flurry - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MAWI-01


Card-io - Winter Flurry - Majestix Clear Stamp Set - MAWI-01 | CraftyFlair


Winter Flurry Majestix Stamp Set includes 6 Stamps; Frosty Snowflake, Diamond Tipped Snowflake, Dotty Snowflake, Open Star, Sparkle Cluster, Simple Snowflake

Stamping Guide as seen on the Packaging

Stamp Frosty Snowflake in Versacolor Neptune. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design. Fill in with the remaining stamps: Stamp the Diamond Tipped Snowflake in Grape, Dotty Snowflake in Atlantic and then in Charcoal, Open Star in Grape, Sparkle Cluster in Grape. Finally stamp the Simple Snowflake Boysenberry.

Colours Used: Versacolor; Neptune, Grape, Atlantic, Charcoal and Boysenberry.

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