WOW! Trio Dappled Pearl Effects - WOWKT091


WOW! Trio Dappled Pearl Effects - WOWKT091 | CraftyFlair


"Introducing Dappled Pearl Effects Trio – Unleash the Magic of Greens & Teals!"

Elevate your crafting experience with the Dappled Pearl Effects Trio, a mesmerizing addition to WOW's innovative range of embossing powders. Inspired by the talented Marion Emberson, this new release expands the beloved Dappled range, introducing a trio of enchanting powders: Newport, Laguna, and Oceanside.

- Pearl Magic Unleashed: This trio seamlessly blends the brilliance of Dappled with a touch of Pearl magic. Watch as greens and teals come to life, adding depth and dimension to your projects. - Inspired by Marion Emberson: Crafted in collaboration with Marion Emberson, each powder is a testament to her artistic vision. The result is a harmonious fusion of creativity and quality. - Heat Embossing Brilliance: Like all WOW Embossing Powders, the Dappled Pearl Effects Trio is designed for flawless heat embossing. Elevate your projects with stunning detail and vibrant colour.

Experience the Trio:

1. **Newport:** Dive into the rich tones of green, reminiscent of a coastal escape. 2. **Laguna:** Immerse yourself in the tranquil blues of this serene shade, evoking the peaceful waters of a lagoon. 3. **Oceanside:** Explore the deep teal hues, capturing the essence of the ocean meeting the shore.

Transform your creations with the magic of Dappled Pearl Effects Trio, where every sprinkle tells a story of creativity and inspiration.

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