WOW! Trio Pastel Pearls - WOWKT093


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"Unveiling the Enchantment: Pastel Pearls Trio – Let us WOW you!"

Embark on a journey of subtle enchantment with WOW's Pastel Pearls Trio – a trio of powders designed to redefine the magic of embossing. Crafted with precision and a touch of mystery, these powders unveil their true brilliance through the heat of embossing.

Key Features:

- Pearl Enchantment: The Pastel Pearls Trio introduces a Hint of Blue, a Hint of Pink, and a Hint of Green, each capturing the essence of pastel perfection. These powders, while appearing white like pearls in the jars, hold a secret of captivating magic. - Subtle Brilliance: Embrace the magic in subtlety. The powders may seem unassuming in their jars, but once heated, when the light catches them, they transform, revealing radiant pastel hues that elevate your projects. - Perfect for Light and Dark Cardstocks: Experiment with the magic on both white and dark cardstocks for varied effects. The enchanting pastel colours shine through once heated, adding a touch of sophistication to your creations. - Heat Embossing Elegance: Like all WOW Embossing Powders, the Pastel Pearls Trio is designed for flawless heat embossing. Witness the transformation as the powders reveal their mesmerizing hues under the spell of heat.

Experience the Trio:

1. Hint of Blue: Pastel perfection that captures the brilliance of a bright, blue sky. 2. Hint of Pink: Embrace the delicate warmth of a pastel pink, like the first blush of dawn. 3. Hint of Green: Explore the serene shades of pastel green, capturing the essence of a lush garden.

Unlock the magic within the Pastel Pearls Trio – where every sprinkle holds the promise of subtle elegance and radiant transformations.

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