WOW! Delicate Blooms Trio *Alex Syberia Designs* - WOWKT085


WOW! Delicate Blooms Trio *Alex Syberia Designs* - WOWKT085 | CraftyFlair


Awakening Spring

Introducing our first Embossing Powder Trio inspired by Alex Syberia Designs; Delicate Blooms. Elevate your projects with a touch of shimmer! This vibrant trio effortlessly adds a special glow to your creations. This set includes three lovely colours: Rosewater, Sunlit Gleam, and Tranquil Azure. ​​​​​​​Each colour provides a splendid base, combining metallic and sparkling powders to enhance your projects with an extra dimension of beauty.

Rosewater A translucent beauty in a beautiful rose pink. This powder effortlessly adds a special glow to your creations. On lighter colours you'll get a soft, delicate pink which can be intensified by layering the powder on itself. You should try it on darker cardstocks or ink and you'll get a completely different effect! The translucence allows the background colour to come through an affect the look of the heated powder. On black or navy, you'll get a gorgeous, almost Rose Gold colour!

Sunlit Gleam This powder sure lives up to its name! It is pure sunshine yellow, with added texture and pops of white. Opaque, meaning it will cover whatever colour cardstock or ink it is embossed onto.

Tranquil Azure A soft blue-teal, it fits to the name to perfection. Invite that calming, tranquillity to your creations with this opaque embossing powder.

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