Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios 6.25" / 16cm Mini Trimmer - 4496E


Tim Holtz - 6.25" / 16cm Mini Trimmer - 4496E


The ideal trimmer for crafting on the go! With a 6.25" cutting edge and a robust yet portable measuring platform, the Tim Holtz Mini Trimmer from Tonic Studios is the perfect tool for classes & workshops. The 0.25" grid marked cutting platform is conveniently marked with all the most popular paper sizes. Accurate, crisp and clean cutting has never been easier!

✓ 215mm x 140mm (8.5" x 5.5")

✓ Use for paper and card stock

✓ 3.5” ruler on the top edge

✓ 0.25” grid pattern with popular paper size markings

✓ Paper guard that protects fingers and prevents paper movement

✓ Locks closed for safe transport

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