Cosmic Shimmer - Sam Poole Botanical Stains Coffee Beans 60ml - CSBOTCOFFEE | CraftyFlair

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The colours have been developed to compliment Sam’s style of work and mimic the colours that come from dyeing with natural plants and other botanicals. Perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed media and other craft projects. Can be used on any porous surface. They can be dropped directly on your project, applied with a brush or sponge. Adding to paste or glues to give a custom colour. They can also be thinned with water.

The Stains come in a 60 ml bottle with a dropper for ease of application. Soap and water clean-up. The stains are not light fast; so, it is recommended that your work is stored away from direct sunlight. Made in UK.

• Colours developed to mimic botanical colours.

• Dropper bottle for ease of application, use on any porus surface

• 60 ml bottle, made in UK

1 Item

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