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Stamping becomes a piece of cake, and you can make the most amazing designs in no time at all. A real must-have for crafters who enjoy working with stamps. Use it to stamp fun figures or messages on cards, to stamp a big batch of save the date cards, to embellish your scrapbook projects and more. What’s so great about the Stamp Easy tool? It’s compatible with all kinds of clear and cling stamps thanks to the adjustable height feature. Because the tool has springs in all corners, the height can be adjusted between 2,3mm and 8,5mm. The stamping area measures 8.65″ x 6.5″ and because the sides have no edges, you can work on surfaces in all sizes. The tool makes bulk stamping very easy. So if you would like to stamp a message on, for example, 100 Christmas cards in the exact same position every time, it would be a nightmare to do that by hand. With the Stamp Easy, it’s a matter of placing your stamp properly, lining up the paper, inking the stamp, closing the lid and repeating.

Suitable for Clear and cling rubber stamps.

2 magnets included.

Measurements in centimetres and inches

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