Tim Holtz - 9.5" / 24.13cm Titanium Shears - 107e


Tim Holtz - 9.5" / 24.13cm Titanium Shears - 107e


The 9.5" Tim Holtz Titanium Shear 9.5 Inch scissors are resistant to rust and corrosion, high durability Titanium coated blades, Micro-serrated edge for controlled cutting and excellent cutting on all types of craft materials including sheet rubber and vinyl.

  • Titanium coating for durability.
  • Micro Serrated for grip and control.
  • Double Bevelled blades for extra cutting ability.
  • Overal product length 9.5" / 24.13cm

About Tim Holtz

Join Tim on his unique vintage style and inspiration for the creative Journey with his range of tools, trimmers, scissors, stamping tools and Mixed Media accessories.

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