The Keepsake Insert Creator Die sets from Tonic Studios contain everything you need to make perfect Keepsake Memory Books with elements that can be mixed and matched between the sets. Each die set includes a base die for creating the form of your Keepsake leaves or inserts, decorative dies, unique spine dies, spine reinforcer dies and a beautiful must have sentiment to make your books truly personal!

Includes the following Keepsake Insert Creator Die Sets; "The Life you Love; 2527", "Memorable Moments; 2526", "Book of Special Memories; 2525"

Create stand-alone Keepsake Books, insert pages for larger Memory Books or complete books to insert into larger Memory Books. Perfect projects within projects or stand alone books in their own right - your Keepsake Insert Creator sets make creating beautifully bound books a breeze! Each set contains all the dies you need to decorate - including a wonderful sentiment - as well as dies to create spines and binding holes. Mix and match binding strip dies between the sets to create your very own unique Keepsake Book!


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