Gelli Arts - 4" Round Gel Printing Plate - GL4R


Gelli Arts - 4" Round Gel Printing Plate - GL4R


Always ready to print When you are in the mood to print, the Gelli Arts« printing plate is ready for you to use!
Easy to clean
Easy to care for
Store at room temperature
Use over and over again.

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate ( looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature. Its easy to clean and always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun. The gratification is immediate, and the prints are too cool!

Video Link: Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate!

Chine coll is a printmaking technique where lightweight paper is adhered to heavier paper as its passed through a press with an inked plate. The result is a print on a collage. Watch this video to see how this process can be adapted for Gelli printing!

Video Link: Printmaking with Small Gelli® Plates!

Love creating tags, cards and ATCs? Now there are two smaller Gelli plate sizes — perfect for these small print formats -- and great for so many other projects and artwork. Watch this video and see how much FUN these new sizes are to print with!

What To Know Datasheet:

We have gathered some tips and instructions to help you care for your Gelli plate and get the most out of your prints. Please take a moment to read these recommendations below or print the Instructions and Care PDF for easy reference as you get started."

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