WOW! Trio Dappled Effects: Fruit & Nut - WOWKT089


WOW! Trio Dappled Effects: Fruit & Nut - WOWKT089 | CraftyFlair


Introducing the mesmerising "Dappled Effects: Fruit & Nut" from WOW Embossing Powder, inspired by the ever brilliant, Marion Emberson.

If you're a fan of heat embossing, get ready to be captivated by the dappled magic this trio will bring to your projects. A harmonious blend of fruity and nutty colours; Cantaloupe, Pistachio, and Dragon Fruit.

This is a continuation of Marion's Dappled Effects range; building upon the immense popularity of the original trio released earlier in the year. Just like Marion's original Dappled Effects Trio, this new release promises dappled effects that are different each and every time you use them.

Let your creativity flourish as you embark on a journey of unpredictable dappled beauty. Discover the WOW! in every dappled detail!

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